Each genealogical investigation is unique. You may wish to take a deeper look at the life of one or your ancestors, or build a full branch of your family tree. Work will explore documentary evidence held by archives, and may include records such as census and civil registration records, parish records, probate documents, land, tax and travel records, and military service records. Typically lines on your family tree can be traced back to the early nineteenth century and, if you are fortunate, beyond.

We often recommend starting with a first phase of research (3-4 hours). This may be enough to answer a specific query, or otherwise enable us to set the groundwork for a larger project. Research reports are structured to not only provide key dates, but also give insight on your ancestors' lives. Where appropriate your report will include copies of civil registration certificates for births, marriages and deaths, and also suggestions for next steps in your research.

[For gifts we can arrange for a family tree to be printed on decorative paper for framing, and/or have your research report bound in a cloth book. Please ask for further details.]


I also work with clients who are undertaking their own family history research and wish to discuss a particular challenge or plans for future steps, which may include advising on genealogical DNA testing and interpretation of results. In advance of our discussion I will read through the material you are working on. We may identify a different approach to a 'brick wall', for example, using alternate sources, or drawing on information from the lives of other ancestors. I am also happy to undertake research tasks on your behalf - for example, checking local record sets.


Family history research can be perceived as a solitary practice that takes place in the silent corners of an archive. Certainly there will be work like this, but reflecting on what you discover about your ancestors' lives is very much a family affair.  Working together on a genealogy project is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to share this experience. We review the information you have and then set a research plan with tasks that all family members may contribute to. If you wish, we can stay in touch and come back together after a few months to set the next goals.


Jenifer offers several 'getting started' talks and workshops for local groups. These can be adapted for your particular needs, please get in touch.

1. Getting Started with your Family History

Members of your group may never have undertaken any family history research, or perhaps made a start and want to refresh their knowledge.

[A one-hour talk or two-hour workshop]

2. Getting to Grips with DNA Testing for Family History - why, what, how?

If you have ever wondered what a DNA test could offer your family history research, or perhaps taken a test and asked 'what next?' when your results arrive.

​[A one-hour talk]