"My British born father married, had children and will live the rest of his life in New Zealand.


At almost 90, he has very little memory of the family he hasn’t seen in nearly 60 years. The only lead I had was a simple birth certificate, so I quickly hit a brick wall in my research, and became disillusioned. However, Jenifer swiftly made the seemingly impossible, possible, within a very short time she had traced my father’s sister, brothers’ families and even discovered a brother we didn’t know existed!


She has presented me with a comprehensive report detailing family members, names, certificates, birth dates, and even advice on how I could continue my search. I have been so impressed by what Jenifer has discovered and achieved with her experience and knowledge. Jenifer has been such a patient, caring and sensitive companion on this journey, I cannot thank her enough for bringing my father’s family to life once more.”

Sandra, New Zealand

[Photograph: Lake Takepo, New Zealand]

"Jenifer has built a family tree for the ancestors of my mother's Scottish grandfathers, I didn’t know much about this branch of our family, and am very pleased with the amount of information we now have to follow up on. As well as dates and places, we have details about their families, what they did for a living, what their lives would have been like.

Jenifer kept in touch and explained the work as we went along. Our research report is professional and clear to follow, and includes details of sources for all of the information. Thank you for helping us to make this progress."

Andrew, Manchester

[Photograph: The Three Sisters, Scotland]

"I had been thinking about researching my family tree for a long time but could never find the time to really undertake this myself. Lavender Place took the loose threads I had and then really did the leg work I never could. I was surprised and delighted with how quickly the details progressed and decided to present my parents with a beautifully printed gift for their 70th birthdays. Without Lavender Place I would never have got anywhere near the detail they could generate. Couldn't recommend their personal and thoughtful service enough."


Jo, Shropshire

[Photograph: Cottage in the gardens of Chirk Castle, Wales]